January 2, 2014

I spent most of yesterday creating a “Grace Plan” for the new year. (Thanks again to Ann Voskamp for inspiring me!)

(Click on the image to enlarge it and see it more clearly.)

This plan is not about striving for perfection for that has nothing to do with grace! It IS about wanting to move FORWARD, even in the smallest of ways — baby steps! — toward living a life that is more connected to God, more aware of His presence, more be-still-and-know. Can you believe that this expressive, emotional, sometimes-extrovert is on a journey toward more solitude, silence, and contemplation? (Did you just do a spit-take?) Apparently God’s sense of humor is alive and well.

Even before I made the plan, I sensed a couple of themes for 2014:
Psalm 139 — I’m going to memorize this verse by verse, meditate on it, and let its message soak into my being, deeper than ever before.
Beginning again — I’m done with feeling shame and guilt for needing to “start over” in my life (especially re: weight). St. Benedict was right; we are always beginning again. It’s an invitation to grace and to renewal. Hard work is ahead but so is restoration. YES!

As important as these themes are, today I realized they are still subcategories of a larger theme that has been emerging over the past few years:

Trust in the slow work of God.

That line comes from this poem which I hope to memorize after I conquer Psalm 139. I love the poem and I love the theme, but I lose sight of it far too easily. I pondered getting a tattoo, but instead THIS caught my eye so I don’t have to deal with needles and pain and ink (oh my!). Very soon I’ll be wearing “TRUST in the SLOW work of GOD” on my wrist. I also added it to the bottom of the Grace Plan. (Originally it ended with “All is grace” which is a lovely truth, but that theme really belongs to Ms. Voskamp.)

It’s now 45 minutes past when I’m supposed to be off the computer for the evening, so in the midst of the imperfect I’ll sign off by saying I look forward to sharing more about all of the above as we journey into 2014 together!


One thought on “Themes

  1. Lynn Severance

    As I sought the Lord for “the word” I was to focus on this year, what came was TRUST.
    I think God always works slowly when we are evaluating the outcomes we want NOW!
    Love the theme He has given to you for 2014 and your Grace Plan.
    L. 🙂


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