Day 4: Rumbly Tumbly = Grumbly

I’ve been hungry all day, much more than any of the preceding days. I ate a bit of a larger breakfast (a melange of rice, beans, scrambled eggs with onion and tomato) hoping that would stave off the pangs throughout the day, but I was ravenous by lunch and about an hour after lunch, I was ready to eat again. Since I’m not snacking between meals, the hours between lunch and dinner have been draaaaaaging, even with keeping busy with school work and taking Dweezil to the dog park, paying bills, and drinking lots of water.

I could learn a thing or two from Winnie the Pooh about singing joyfully about being “rumbly in my tumbly.” Instead, my mood has been more like this guy:



Just keeping it honest.

Interestingly, in A Place at the Table (yeah, I’m going to mention that book a lot), Chris Seay writes about struggling on Day 4 as well. Maybe that’s when the body starts to realize we’re not joking around and decides to state its opinion loud and clear? Made me chuckle, and today that’s a good thing. 🙂

In the midst of the rumbles and grumbles, I’ve been thinking about the words I sometimes use for hunger:
starved or starving
dying to eat (fill in the blank)
I’d kill for some (fill in the blank)

And haven’t most of us said this upon eating something outrageously yummy:
“That’s to die for!”

Hmmm….No sermon today, just food for thought. 😉

I must say I’m enjoying my food immensely, even with eating so much less and with fewer choices. I’m purposing to eat slowly to savor each bite and to make it last. Lunch was a bowl of roasted brussels sprouts, one of my favorite things. (I am eating up the veggies in the fridge so they don’t go to waste; after they’re gone, veggies will be more limited.) Dinner will be a bit of rice and beans (1/2C each seems about right) with a chicken thigh, and an orange. And lots of water.

And gratitude.

And hopefully less grumbling.


3 thoughts on “Day 4: Rumbly Tumbly = Grumbly

  1. Lynn Severance

    It is affirming to read from Chris’ book that “day 4” is a turning-ground day as the body is adjusting – affirming for you to read this. One begins a time of fasting – or other acts that require discipline – with a surge of intent and “energy” for the new. It can be a sprint when what is needed is the marathon mentality.
    There is one thing that seems evident; food preparation is at a minimal leaving time for “more” – be it prayer, reading, home duties, study.
    Admiring you as you seek and share with us along the way.


  2. Nina Post author

    Indeed, Sis! With the minimal food prep, there’s also not having other distractions (watching shows, FB newsfeed, etc.) and that’s opened up a lot of time. Thanks for journeying along with me!

    1. Lynn Severance

      I’m appreciating deeper times with the Lord from the “Pray As You Go” meditations, using them as journalling opportunities. I am also getting into “Falling Upward” ( Rohr) – already lots of underlining and notes scribbled and I am only in the “Introduction”!
      It is great how the Lord calls each of us ( meaning each of many people ) to the right route for them during this season.


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