Day 6: Spring in My Steps

photo 2-1Yesterday I was tired and really wanted to vegetate, but I was too mentally fried to read, and TV/Netflix wasn’t an option, so I decided to take a long walk.

I was heading to one place, but saw a sign that intrigued me, so I changed course and came upon a wonderful path that led me to Crown Harbor, an area I’d not been to before on the island. (For those of you who don’t know, Alameda is both a town and an island.) I was so enthralled by the small marina that I failed to take any photos of it!

I kept walking and the path curved around and led me straight to Crab Cove, where a couple of years ago I’d celebrated turning 50. So much has happened since then, it seems like way more than two and a half years ago!

photo 4I had seen a few little flowers along the way, loving how they looked in the bright sun, and I was grateful for the God-whisper of Spring. When I rounded the bend of that path, the whisper turned to a full-throated shout when I saw several mini-fields of those flowers! What abundance! It took my breath away.

photo 4-1I had to go stand in the middle of them and surround myself with God’s beautiful creation. Each flower is a work of His hand, a simple gift of beauty for no reason other than to just BE. (You see where I’m going here….)

Just as Jesus talks about the lilies of the field not toiling or spinning so are we to rest in knowing that we are His creation, and He will provide all we need. Each of us, like each flower, bears a unique mark of His beauty, and together we form the world’s largest bouquet!

photoI found other flowers along the way, added a couple of pink ones from my backyard, and put together a little bouquet, a memento to remind me of this walk and the lessons slowly soaking into my heart:

• Be willing to change my course.
• Walking in fresh air is rejuvenating…do it more often!
• God’s abundance is everywhere, I just need to slow down and notice.
• On days when my body hurts and I can’t “do” much, I can still “be” much.
• God enjoys me…He enjoys you…He enjoys all of us…and delights in us even more than I delighted in those fields of flowers.
• Removing visual entertainment allows me more time to look for other things to take in with my eyes.

What shall I look for next?


2 thoughts on “Day 6: Spring in My Steps

  1. molly

    those flowers are such a pretty discovery! love to see you putting some of our reading into action. xx, molly

    1. Nina Post author

      So glad you stopped by, Molly! The reading for our program this time has been dovetailing so much with what I’ve been learning in the spiritual director program. I love how God weaves things together! Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago for our “finale.” Can’t believe it’s really coming to a close. Hope you’ll stop by here again!


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