Day 11: To Good Not to Share

pay-attention-to-life-not-work0This morning’s reading in A Place at the Table: 40 Days of Solidarity with the Poor, by Chris Seay was so good that I’m turning over the microphone to Chris today (bold is my emphasis):

“Moses had a unique perspective on slavery. Like so may of us, he had plausible deniability. It was easy for him to believe that he wasn’t a slave when living in Pharaoh’s palace. It is easy to believe you are free when your idols are functioning quite well.


“We, like Moses, have moments of clarity. The individual slave driver is not actually the problem; he will merely be replaced with another. The same can often be true if we simply pursue a modification in our behavior. If we are not careful, we trade one master for another….In the end one is not better than the other. This fast is beginning to expose our idols….How will we respond to this newfound clarity?”


“Many of us have decided we don’t want to be a slave to anything. We don’t want to have a master, and we think we can be our own masters. As we discover the idols both large and small that fight for our affection, it is time to affirm that our true master is God. If we miss this transition from our old tyrant to our real master, we will float around with a bunch of other tyrants. Part of what we must understand is that following Christ means He is Lord of our lives. We have a master. We are slaves, but we are slaves to a King who came to liberate humankind. It is paradoxical. We have a master who says, ‘You are not only My slave, but My child and My friend.’


“Our commitment to follow King Jesus on our own exodus will be tested when we can’t always see what God is up to. The path forward will seem dark, scary, filled with unnecessary suffering, even downright insane. Imagine what your moments of doubt may be. What will it take to make you want to turn back?…This journey to freedom must begin with a declaration of loyalty to our true master. As we embark, as we cross our own Red Seas, as we see God perform miracles in our own lives to free us from our Pharaohs, may we prepare ourselves for the moments of struggle and doubt that will inevitably come. It is in these moments we will discover our true faith.”

*Yes, and amen.*

Stay tuned…


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