Lesson Learned from Feast Day #3

images-1(image from askwomennet.com)

It had been brewing all week, that strange sensation behind the eyes and in the throat. Then I woke up yesterday feeling lousy; you know it’s bad when I cancel on singing at church. 😦 I hate doing that, but I needed to stay home and rest as I am flying to Chicago in a couple of days for the final leg of the counseling certification program I’m in. Traveling while sick is the pits. So is trying to pay attention in class and participating in group therapy.

Apparently, so is what passed for feasting yesterday.

I had hoped to see the new Muppet movie but that would have to wait. All I was really up for was resting in my comfy chair under a blanket and sipping hot tea. (My sweet husband knew to bring me Decaf Ginger Peach with half a packet of stevia, my go-to elixir when I feel rotten.) I had plenty of entertainment recorded on the DVR, enough for an entire day’s media feast. And while I can’t say I didn’t enjoy some of it, I mostly floated in a fog, with various comedies and singing competitions intermingled with some episodes of “Chopped” shining brightly on the screen in front of me. At the moment I can’t remember much of it at all, except for some shared laughs with Glenn.

I also spent WAY too much time on Facebook trying to make sense of too many controversies. Why I thought I could manage any of that while under the weather is beyond me. I should have caught up with a few friends, taken the “Which character from ‘Frozen’ are you?” quiz (I’m Olaf) and signed off.

On the food front, Chinese take-out came to our aid at dinner. In front of the TV, I ate way too much and wound up feeling worse when I went to bed, and then didn’t fall asleep until around 4 a.m. Overeating might not have caused the problem, but it certainly didn’t help.

I still feel yucky, but I learned something the hard way, the way I usually learn — feasting isn’t supposed to be a glut. Chris Seay warned me and I listened until I was sick and it became too easy to throw caution to the wind. A couple of shows would have been fine. I could have turned on music and rested, or listened to a book, or tried to sleep. A reasonable plate of noodles and a couple of fried shrimp would have been a delight. But it was too much, and when it was all over, really wasn’t all that enjoyable or memorable (except for the prawns wrapped in wonton skins and deep fried; THOSE were a revelation, but I digress…)

I need to remember this for future feast days, and not just during Lent: there’s a reason why it’s called OVERindulgence.

I’m so grateful to be back on the fast today.

(I need to remember that, too!)






2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned from Feast Day #3

  1. Jamie

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. I love ginger ale and the Wizard of Oz when I’m not feeling well (I’m just childish like that I guess). I hope you get better soon!

  2. Nina Wichman Post author

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the well wishes! I’m doing better today. A full night’s sleep really helped. I think ginger ale plus the Wizard of Oz seems like a fine idea. I might go more for Mary Poppins, though…not quite so scary! 🙂


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