Ordinary Time?


(image from voiceofthesouthwest.org)

Technically, it’s still the Easter season, but life has been feeling kind of ordinary.

I returned a few days ago from a ten-day trip, exhausted and bleary-eyed. The three-hour time difference is always a hard adjustment for me, especially on the return. I came home and the Lenten wreath with all of its candles was still on the table; I didn’t have the heart or energy to put it away. But every day since I’ve been home it’s been a reminder that the Lenten journey and the glorious celebration of Easter is OVER for this year. Like a Christmas tree still up in mid-January, the wreath on the table had become a bit of an eyesore; its meaning used up for the year.

That is, until I picked it up.

After gathering all of the candles, I lifted the wreath off the table and felt the smooth wood in my hands. I noticed some wax had hardened on the surface; as I scraped it off, the memories of those days in March and April came flooding back. I loved the beauty and simplicity of lighting one candle each day, and moving the carved figure of Jesus carrying His cross around the wreath.

I started to think about the journeys of descent and ascent…how we are always on a journey toward death or resurrection, often at the same time. Things in our life are either dying or rising. Dreams are coming true or ending. Transitions are around the corner and change is a-coming.

It’s inescapable.

I needed the reminder that there really isn’t such a thing as “ordinary” time. Each day holds the possibility of being quite extraordinary, especially if I purpose to stay awake and aware of God’s presence and movement in my life. Even though the days are moving away from the “official” Lent and Easter seasons, I can keep them in my heart by living fully present to both the Cross and Resurrection.

May that become ordinary for the rest of my days!!






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