The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Whenever anyone asks me about my favorite holiday, or my favorite time of year, I’m always hesitant to be completely truthful. I love Thanksgiving and delight in all the food and family and friends. I also love Christmas, especially the Advent season before it, and I truly rejoice on Easter. But it is the seven weeks leading up to Easter which really mean the most to me. And Good Friday is my favorite day of the year. (You can read more about that HERE.)

Hello, I’m Nina, and I’m a Lentaholic. 

This year the first three weeks of Lent are going to have to take more of a backseat in my life as I am in the middle of moving and I won’t be able to be as focused. I do intend to light a candle each night and spend time in prayer and contemplation. And I hope to write here about various things as the Lord bubbles them up in my heart. And I still haven’t chosen a book to read through the season yet! Will do that later tonight or tomorrow.

Glad for grace. Glad this isn’t about perfection or performance, but about preparation of the heart.

I’d like to write more, but I’ve been working all day getting things ready for this weekend’s yard sale, and now I need to zip off to lead worship at our Ash Wednesday service.

I guess it’s Lent on the run!




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